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A Dynamic Online Resource

QuickMD Test Prep is an online solution that provides students with an interactive learning experience they require to improve their learning outcomes and course success rates. Included in QuickMD Test Prep are a wide variety of multimedia tools including, instructional videos, interactive review and self-assessment modules, animated flash cards and more.

QuickMD Test Prep is designed to maximize student study time, helping them to learn more efficiently. Today's tech-savvy students are accustomed to the fast-paced, highly visual, multimedia world around them and drawing knowledge from it. At QuickMD, we believe the classroom learning experience should be no different.

Using a proven model that focuses on the natural, active processes of learning, QuickMD embodies a "know-see-do-prove" method of instruction that helps students process and retain critical information more effectively and in less time than traditional teaching methods.

QuickMD Test Prep

An Interactive Learning Process

QuickMD TestPrep is a dynamic online resource designed to help students and professionals prepare for state or national certification examinations by including the same type of questions likely to appear in a similar electronic environment. QuickMD TestPrep combines self-study modules, practice examinations and simulated certification examinations using case-based questions and detailed reasoning - helping students learn the material, rather than memorize it.

QuickMD TestPrep Prep modules are available in the following subject areas. New modules are added regularly.

  • PLAB
  • Nursing
  • Allied Health

For more information about QuickMD TestPrep and the online modules currently available, please contact your sales. QuickMD TestPrep can be purchased as a stand-alone product, or bundled with other QuickMD products.

MCB Highlights

MyClassboard is an ERP tool which helps institutions automate the entire process of running their operations. It offers an interactive, real-time medium to execute the functions of the institution. Be it a small school, college with thousands of students, university or a group of institutions located in multiple cities, MyClassboard gives you the capability of conveniently managing all operations.

MyClassBoard integrates all the processes, departments, and functions of an institution by consolidating information on a central server, making the functioning more organized and streamlined, thus ensuring an increase in efficiency due to enhanced productivity.

With MyClasboard your institution can

  • Access Data in a User-Friendly Environment
  • Provide Relevant Insight
  • Understand Student Behaviors
  • Make Data-Driven Decisions
  • Gain a Competitive Edge

For more information about MyClassBoard and the online modules currently available, please contact your sales. MyClassBoard can be purchased as a stand-alone product, or bundled with other QuickMD products.


Educational Paradigms Are Shifting

Today, technology is a vital component in all facets of education, particularly in how instructors teach and how students learn. Between computers, SmartPhones, eReaders and other mobile devices, traditional learning paradigms are shifting online - creating interactive, instructional models that help educators teach more effectively and students learn more efficiently.

To help meet the needs of today's tech-savvy students and instructors, QuickMD introduces MyClassBoard, a revolutionary new learning platform that combines QuickMD's authoritative content with curriculum, tutorial, assessment and reporting tools - helping students track their progress and ultimately improve learning outcomes. MyClassBoard aims to increase student success rates in the classroom and online - while preparing them for professional success in the workforce.

With MyClassboard we have created a tool to help institutions increase efficiency, make better, more timely decisions and enhance the value of education imparted in their institution. The field of education is evolving and we see room for a lot of innovation. Communication, content, administration, assessment and collaboration are all opportunities for an institution to leverage upon to create greater experiences for all stakeholders and we at MyClassboard are committed to helping you do so.

MyClassboard gives institutions a "Birds Eye View" on every department, enabling them to take the right decision at the right time and resolve problems quickly. It makes the process of analyzing and identifying the strengths and weaknesses pertaining to any department, student or staff member simpler than ever. The communications suite incorporates web-based tools as well as SMS allowing you to communicate easily with your stakeholders in the fastest way possible.

Designed for a wide variety of educational uses, MyClassBoard is a flexible, customizable and cost-effective solution that integrates seamlessly with individual courses or complete course curriculums

A New Paradigm

Classrooms have changed rapidly over the years, as advances in technology have both increased the volume of information covered in courses and accelerated the pace of education. Instructors now teach more in less time, while students are prepared to learn faster than ever before.

QuickMD is helping instructors and students take advantage of this exciting transition in education by offering authoritative content in electronic formats that are engaging, accessible and effective. We’ve developed a new suite of innovative eLearning products that can be used across a wide variety of educational settings, from the traditional classroom to a completely virtual environment.

Custom Solutions

A Proven Track Record

Educational institutions are under tremendous pressure to live up to the high expectations of students. As a company dealing majorly with education, we at QuickMD understand the situation institutions are under, and to strategically equip them with resources, tools and technology to transform them from being a traditional organization to one which is globally competitive.

With more than 10 years experience in eLearning, QuickMD has become a trusted provider of industry-leading content in the following areas of study:

  • Health Sciences & Professions
  • Nursing & Medicine
  • EMS, Fire & Safety
  • Biological, Physical & Social Science
  • Gaming, Math & Engineering

By combining authoritative content from our experienced authors with innovative learning performance applications, QuickMD empowers students, instructors and professionals to further their educational and professional goals with our curriculum-based and continuing education solutions.